Kyoto protocol


To mitigate current global warming, the Kyoto Protocol encourages the limitation of emissions of greenhouse gas into the environment. In Ukraine, the mechanism in place is the Joint Implementation (JI), which allows developing countries to change their emission reductions to the companies that signed the Protocol against payable emission reduction units.

BETEN works on the implementation of this mechanism on the recovery of methane emissions from coal mines in the Eastern Ukraine. Other applications are possible such as on discharge of domestic waste (methane recovery, the coke (CO2 emissions), or for all renewable energy projects (wind, biomass) coming in place of consumption fossil fuels: oil, gas and coal.

Kyoto and Ukraine

  • Ratification of Kyoto Protocol the 4th of February 2004
  • Target Base 1990 for the period 2008-2012 : 925,4 M t eqCO2
  • Strong industrialization after 1991, thus strong potential of quotas resale
  • Estimation of the surplus 2008-2012: 250 M T eqCO2 with forecasts upward
  • Wind projects eligible to the Kyoto Protocol - taking into account the energy mix of the country
  • T eqCO2 in Ukraine from ~ 5-7 Euros
  • Ukrainian legislation concerning the Kyoto Protocol is well developed  
    • Way 1 possible: national procedure with ANIE (created in 06/2007)
    • Way 2: international procedure with UNFCCC (or CCNUCC)