• Wind
    Site identification, feasibility and development studies, active follow up on regulation, land procurement, wind farm erection, supply of montage material, management of the farm.
  • Solar
    Estimation of installation capacities in thermal water and gas sensors (sanitary hot water production) or photovoltaïques pannels (electricity production).  
  • Mini hydropower plant
    Analysis of existing sites or to be built, feasibility evaluation, search for financial investors and partners, detailed project studies, renovation of existing plants or construction of new plants.
  • Biomass / Biogas
    Inventary of existing and potential production resources, feasibility studies as well as realisation of production units for pellets or litlle briks, search and implementation of projects of calorific and electric power production, including in "cogeneration".
  • Kyoto protocol
    Application of this mechanism on the recycling of the discharges of CH4 of coalmines in Ukraine, as well as to the wind projects.