• High potential on the periphery Black Sea, Sea of Azov, Crimea, the Carpathians (map 3TIER) with wind speeds of 6.5 to 8 m/s
  • Potential installed capacity of 24GW, where 14 GW already in process of development (according to non official version) 80 MW already installed dating to the years 90 (WTG of 160 to 400 kW)
  • Installed capacity expected by 2015 : 3 500 MW
  • 01.04.2009 : New law «About Green Tariff» № 575/97-VR favorable for investors with very attractive tariffs favorable for investors with very attractive tariffs of 113,1 Euros/MWh  
    • The law provides the connection to the grid for the producers of "green" energy
    • The price is guaranteed until 1st of January 2030
    • Indexing of "green" Tariff to the Euro is, thus, no risk of inflation
    • The law provides the obligation to repurchase all the "green" energy produced at the "green" cost
  • The Government is actually investigating other possibilities of tax advantages

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WIND – projects receiving the green tariff

Name of project Geographical situation Capacity
Number and wind turbine type Project’s owner
Establishment «28 Upravlinnia nachalnika robit» Crimea 14,81 127 WT USW 56-100 (107,5KW)
2 WT T600-48 (600KW)
Ministry of defense of Ukraine 
WPP «Vitroenergoprom»  Village Bezimennoe, Novoazovsk district, Donetsk region 21,795 (50) 186 WT USW 56-100 (107,5KW)
4 WT T600-48 (600 KW)
LLC «Agrex», JSC «Ukrpodshipnik»
State entreprise ETU «Vodenergoremnaladka» Crimea 21 177 WT USW 56-100 (107,5KW)
3 WT USW T600-48 (600KW)
Derjvodgosp of Ukraine – State water economy
State enterprise NAEK «Energoatom », «Donuzlavska  WPP» Crimea 18,4 159 WT USW 56-100 (107,5 KW)
2 WT T600-48 (600 KW)  
Ministry of Energetics
State enterprise «Shidno-Krimska WPP» Crimea 0,5 (9,6) ABE Ministry of Energetics