Nuclear energy

As a player of the Energy sector BETEN was involved very early in the French nuclear industry. Since 1975, its President Jean Roche has been interested in the field of "Nuclear Ventilation" and has been working on the research stations located in Saclay (Pile EL'3 Orpheus), then in development studies with and on behalf of SEPTEN (EDF), including also the waste recovery of thermal rejections generated by plants.
Subsequently successive and permanent contracts allowed to gain important experience in nuclear, liquid, solid and gaseous effluents control.
Since 80s among the major topics were the following:
  • Intervention alongside Framatome and then SOFINEL to the NPP construction abroad, Karun (Iran), Koeberg (South Africa), Daya Bey (China) as well as Paluel and Fessenheim.
  • Intervention alongside CEA and ANVAR on Saclay sites, the Hague, Pierrelatte, Marcoule, Cadarache.
  • Participation with TECHNICATOME and DCN in the development of the boiler compartment ventilation of the aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle, SLBMs and dockside infrastructure.

  • Dismantling study, development of PSAR for nuclear power plants of CHOOZ and BRENNILIS and various studies and analysis of dismantling workshops on the nuclear operating sites of CEA.
  • Study for AREVA and its different subsidiaries on the various industrial projects of the full fuel cycle of the uranium mine from fuel fabrication and to the waste reprocessing and storage.
Experience of BETEN on fluids and auxiliary process requirements, on the coordination and management of complex industrial projects can be also requested considering its technical assistance for the Nuclear sector leaders.